2001 District Maps

Assembly Redistricting Plan (SB 802)
September 13, 2001

Detailed PDF Maps

The following files are formated as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Maps. For best possible results it is suggested that these files be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or better.


Complete Map Book 127MB
Regional Overview Maps 1.65MB
Northern California 502KB
Southern California 432KB
San Francisco Bay Area 354KB
Los Angeles Area 320KB

AD01 2.82MBAD02 3.40MBAD03 2.96MBAD04 2.01MBAD05 1.27MB
AD06 2.08MBAD07 2.35MBAD08 1.88MBAD09 1.07MBAD10 3.07MB
AD11 2.02MBAD12 1.24MBAD13 1.24MBAD14 2.41MBAD15 3.46MB
AD16 901KBAD17 2.01MBAD18 2.26MBAD19 1.85MBAD20 2.56MB
AD21 2.21MBAD22 985KBAD23 1.01MBAD24 1.47MBAD25 2.34MB
AD26 2.31MBAD27 3.13MBAD28 3.78MBAD29 1.64MBAD30 1.24MB
AD31 1.08MBAD32 1.81MBAD33 1.69MBAD34 4.10MBAD35 1.91MB
AD36 999KBAD37 1.35MBAD38 999KBAD39 444KBAD40 736KB
AD41 1.43MBAD42 1.19MBAD43 977KBAD44 1.50MBAD45 9.20KB
AD46 487KbAD47 483KBAD48 394KBAD49 868KBAD50 896KB
AD51 971KBAD52 891KBAD53 1.41MBAD54 819KBAD55 981KB
AD56 1.01MBAD57 1.35MBAD58 1.63MBAD59 4.26MBAD60 2.08MB
AD61 881KBAD62 1.38MBAD63 1.76MBAD64 1.27MBAD65 1.89MB
AD66 2.34MBAD67 1.36MBAD68 1.03MBAD69 798KBAD70 1.89MB
AD71 2.54MBAD72 1.07MBAD73 1.73MBAD74 1.39MBAD75 1.79MB
AD76 1.13MBAD77 3.02MBAD78 1.28MBAD79 1.09MBAD80 2.01MB


Complete Map Book 3.00MB

Elections Code Section 21001 Maps: Detailed district maps prepared pursuant to Elections Code section 21001 and provided to the Secretary of State and the county elections officials for use in their administrative functions involved in the conduct of elections.

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